Women in Tech Hackathon 2024

Women in Tech Hackathon 2024

General info

This year’s Women in Tech Hackathon is an opportunity to explore the intersection of Data, Health and Intelligence. Participants will have the chance to work with experts from different industries to develop innovative solutions to solve today’s most pressing challenges in these fields. Teams will be challenged to explore new ideas and create new technologies that can help create a more human-centred future. At the end of the Hackathon, participants will present their ideas to an esteemed panel of judges, who will award the most successful projects with prizes.

Along with the event's main theme, participants will be invited to build their projects for specific challenges. Each challenge offers the ability to specialise your project and work on ideas that fit under its description. Some challenges have their individual prizes but all of them are competing for the main prize poll. The current challenges (detailed information in the "Info" section):

1. Use of data and AI in healthcare (Riga TechGirls)

2. Promoting cholesterol screening (Novartis)

3. Psychological support for patients with multiple sclerosis (Novartis)

4. Organisation and planning of screening visits (Novartis)

5. Sharing of experiences and mentoring between universities and regional hospitals (Novartis)

6. Identifying oncology patients at higher risk (Novartis)

7. Financial literacy and budget planning (Latvijas Banka)

8. Knowledgeable and more healthy consumption (Rimi)

9. Optimizing work schedules (airBaltic)

10. Empowering Female Health Through Personalized Nutrition (Printify)

The main focus of this hackathon are women in Latvia and the Baltics, but since the Hackathon will be organised in a hybrid format, it will have no geographic boundaries and international participants are also welcome! We plan to have up to 200 participants, forming around 30 teams. Each batch of teams will have a designated mentor, with no more than 5 teams per mentor.


How will it work


Let’s start at the beginning – registration. If you wish to participate, you should register. Once registered, on the HackTribe platform you can post your idea and look for teammates or join a team that is lacking teammates. Team formation and idea development will take place until March 8th 17:30.


The hacking starts on the evening of March 8th with a short opening ceremony explaining what’s to come, introducing the prizes and evaluation criteria. Then you hack – work in teams and develop your ideas into solutions and prototypes. During the three days, there are four checkpoints with team mentors to ensure you are going the right way. It is mandatory for the teams to be at the checkpoints unless your team mentor tells you otherwise. Expert mentors will be available for consultations and support on March 9.

The venue

The in-person event will take place at the University of Latvia, House of Nature, Jelgavas Street 1, Riga, Latvia. Even though the hackathon will take place in person, the venue will not be available overnight. Each day of the hackathon we'll leave the premises at 22:00. It doesn't mean you have to stop what you're working on, but it does mean that you won't be able to stay overnight at the venue.


On March 10, it is time for the final submission of your solutions, followed by demos and pitches in front of the jury. The jury chooses the winners, and they are announced right away. After the hackathon, there are no strings attached; you can freely continue the work on your ideas and solutions.


To ensure great teamwork and results we are inviting experts in the fields of technology, healthcare and finances to join our forces! If you can spare anything from 2 hours on Saturday, March 9 please join our cause and register to be a mentor at the event website.


All teams and participants will be competing for the main hackathon prizes:

1st place - 1000 EUR

2nd place - 300 EUR

3rd place - 200 EUR

Apart from that, there are separate prizes for different challenges:

Novartis challenges: the best solution between all Novartis challenges will receive a prize of 200 EUR.

Latvijas Banka challenge: the best solution for the Latvijas Banka challenge will have the opportunity to receive further funding of 2000 EUR* from Latvijas Banka to continue the development of their idea.

*Latvijas Banka has the final say on whether the team will receive the prize based on their assessment of the idea.

Riga TechGirls challenge: the best solution for the challenge will receive a prize of 100 EUR.

If you have any questions, reach out to us: [email protected]